Supporting physical health and mental health simply by taking pills.

Junwoo Cheong,

March 4, 2020

Collection of Dietary Supplements I have handy in my room. Located in the kitchen area

Dietary supplements are everywhere and easily accessible. With the growing self-care culture for healthier life and busier daily life style, people are more encouraged to look for dietary supplements as additional intake of nutrients they may lack.

Personally, I used to have a faith that all these supplements are scam and my body is capable of maintaining its health by eating well, sleeping well, and working out enough. However, as school starts and my body is put under several set of stresses, I start to realize a need of some boosters. I do not have enough time to sleep or eat, so these handy and quick pills or powder mixes are now deemed strongly desirable.

From my own experience, I did not really plan to buy these products. I bought most of them while I was shopping and Target and the Whole-foods. Running into a section of health supplements, I feel strong urges to acquire at least a few to improve my health or just simply mentally feel slightly relieved.

Appealing messages that these products allured me with.

I am a man with many doubts and I believed I am not a victim of random advertisements that tried to get me into buying unnecessary products. However, I discovered through this activity that I am A LOT more lenient to products that talks to me about my well-being and physical health. Also because I am really into taking care of my body and working out, I was more attracted to the idea of improving my physique further effectively.

Great visual layouts and eye-catching phrases are the main factors to persuade and easily step into my skeptical mindset. Persuasive techniques such as analogy and key features are good persuading factors for me. I have taken these products a lot, maybe not regularly but every time when I am more tired than usual, I tried these to feel better.

written by Junwoo Cheong