The object our group spent the majority of our time talking about was a C-Cure All. A drink mix full of vitamin C. Our conversation started out by listing out our impressions of the object, the product is advertised as a methods for preventing colds and disease. Although there isn’t much evidence to back this up, some people stand behind vitamin C as a miracle cure for an emerging illness.

Our interpretation of the product shifted into other methods of consuming or receiving vitamin C. We focused on ways that we could challenge social perceptions of health by exploring branding tactics and new product ideas.

We tackled the imaginary of Vitamin C as a cure-all through the rhetorical use of hyperboles and satire, taking the daily ingestion of the vitamin to an absurdist level to make people think about what role it actually plays. One of our concepts involved creating a vitamin C face mask that could be worn in public while promoting physical health. The mask would have a large symbolic orange slice on it to emphasize your personal health and cheekily represent a cartoonish smile. While the ingestion of vitamins to promote personal care is often a private and unassuming ritual in daily life, the mask announces your healthy lifestyle to the public.

We are unsure if our response directly challenged the imaginary enough, but we wanted to push it to the point where it became absurd enough that people would question the effectiveness and the presence in the daily lifestyle.

Joel Neely

Daniela Delgado

Eliza Pratt

Micheal Powell

Christine Chen

Emma blank