How much Mountain Dew I am going to drink in 10 years

Honestly, Mountain Dew gets my heart. After I tried it fresh men year of college I just cannot stop drinking it, which led me to think about two questions. First, how did Mountain Dew became so appealing to me. Second, how can visually represnet my love for Mountain Dew. 

To understand why I become impulsive when seeing Mountain Dew. I brainstormed about the characteristic of Mountain Dew. After the brain storm, I figured out three key stage that attracts me. First stage is the initial instigator. The initial instigator are factors that attracts me to drink Mountain Dew for the very first time. I drank my first bottle of Mountain Dew for its unusual color and low calories ( zero Mountain Dew only have 10 calories per bottle). I think those two factors not only reflects characteristic of Mountain Dew, but also shows my personal preference for food: I really love food that are visually compelling and contain less calories. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I fell in love with Mountain Dew after my first bottle, which is marked by the second stage of my module: the pleasant experience. The product design is the bottle worked good for me, the bottle fit right into my hand, and I can open the cap easily. The fizzy bottles exploding in my mouth, with a sense of mild sweetness. My first bottle of dew also saved my from the hot summer. My first experience was perfect, which led to my second, third, even fourth experiences. 

In addition, the more I think about Mountain Dew, the more I drink Mountain Dew, the more I talked about Mountain Dew, I became loyal to the brand. It is not only a bottle of drink anymore, it became  a friend to me, so I entered the third stage of my module:loyalty to the brand. Now I will pick Mountain Dew over any other drinks at the any store. In other words, I trust this drink to my heart, that I know it will bring me satisfaction. 

So my three stages: intial instigator, pleasant experience, and loyalty to brand conclude the fact that why I become attracted to Mountain Dew. Those three stages strenthen each other like a triangle. 

After I know why I got attracted to Mountain Dew. I want to quantify my level of love for Mountain Dew. So I wanted to calculate how my bottles of Mountain Dew I will drink in a month, a year, in 10 years, and how much money I am goona spend on Mountain Dew. Math is quite simple, and the result is I am going to spend 7260 dollars over ten years on 3650 bottles of Mountain Dew, and I made a poster of it. I think the result, especially the money intimidates my a little bit. 

Maybe I should not indulge on Mountain Dew, and design a system of “unti persuantion of buying Mountain Dew”.